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Time To Replace Your Home Heating System? 0

Time To Replace Your Home Heating System?

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

Now it’s still pretty nice out in Broomfield but the cold is definitely coming. Is your home or commercial heating system ready? It can be. Start with some no-brainer tips from Great Peaks Heating and air about your furnace and when it’s just time to replace the old equipment.

FIRE DESTROYS HOW MANY HOMES BECAUSE OF BAD HEATING? Find out how many homes are destroyed by old heaters Click through here for answer  .

Still nice out in Broomfield CO

How to Know When You Need a New Furnace

If your current system is 15 or more years old

If it’s not creating enough heat in all areas of your home to meet your family’s needs

If it requires constant visits from a repairman

If it stops working altogether

If you live in the Broomfield area then you know where to get Broomfield HVAC service for your heating before the winter really hits.

Don’t run an old system unattended. Would you really put your home at risk to save a little cash on an inspection or even a heater replacement?

How many people die in furnace started home fires each year? See The Answer


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Snowy But Named After Strawberries 0

Snowy But Named After Strawberries

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Strawberry Park

A great Steamboat Springs location.

Steamboat Springs Strawberry Park

Strawberry Park


Just a couple miles north of Downtown Steamboat is a stunning area called Strawberry Park. It’s east toward Buffalo Pass and a pretty vast place that extents north towards the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Middle schools and house to Strawberry Park Elementary and also the Lowell Whiteman School, this region is also is a fantastic spot to call home.

The rolling hay fields and towering aspen trees will be the main backdrop to this lovely place. Once filled with acres of strawberry patches, hence the name, the residences in Strawberry Park feel really blessed to live in such an idyllic area – even if one needs to visit the neighborhood farmers market.

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